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Zip Car, Uber's latest Scam

Uber Drivers would make less then minimum wage, if they signed up for Zip Cars Hourly rental program.

The Partnership has started last week in Boston MA, The vehicle rates start at $12 an hour and the Driver Pays a Zip car Membership fee of $7 a month. Zip Car also likes to Hide some Fees at the bottom of their contract for instance their Late Return Fee (Starts at $50.00 an hour)

Low Gas Fee ($30 if you return a car with a 1/4 of a tank) and of course Tickets Processing fee ($30.00 on top of the ticket price). To top it all off, Zipcar has a $2,000 Deductible for any accident.

The Typical Uber car driver in Boston Makes an Average of $20 a hour so the most a driver can make using the Zip Car rental program is $8.00 an hour minimum wage in Boston is $11 an hour.

I am Shocked that Uber Car allowed this program to exist, but based on their past history with their partnership with Santander Financing i'm shocked but not dumbfounded.

The only Bright Side of this Deal is if you want to work for one hour as a driver to appreciate your day to day Job this might be your fit.

For Those of you looking for Normal Financing even if you have bad Credit, TLC Financing can get you into the Uber car lease you want

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