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More income coming to Uber Car Drivers

Uber sent out an email to Uber drivers asking how much they would want to be paid for Services like health care, moving or customer services tasks.

Uber is gauging its drivers’ interest in providing TaskRabbit-like services for consumers and potentially other businesses, TLC Financing has heard.

Uber Car The $69 billion company sent out an email to drivers asking if they’d be willing to take on other on-demand jobs — such as cleaning, moving or food service, Uber has already successfully launched Uber Eats and the ride share company has found a new way for its drivers to Earn more money. Uber Cars one big loss was Uber Car Leases through Xchange Leasing.

The email, which came from the company’s research department, reads:

“We would like to ask about your interest in receiving requests from Uber to perform other types of tasks on a flexible basis. Task requests would be similar to ride requests from Uber. A request would be sent through the Uber app for a task. If interested, an Uber partner would accept the request and then travel to meet the request at the specified task location.”

The email then links to a survey which asks what would be the lowest hourly pay a driver would accept for the following tasks: Health care services, moving services, customer service, retail, cleaning services, clerical tasks, warehouse tasks, food service tasks.

TLC Financing Received a copy of the email.

Based on the variety of jobs Uber presented to its drivers, the company appears to be exploring providing on-demand services for both consumers and other businesses.

This has been something that the company has discussed launching over the last year or so. Though it’s unclear how close this concept is to everyday drive able use.

Uber Car which made its mark in on-demand transportation, has a booming food-delivery business which it first began in 2014. As of July, Uber Eats was profitable in 27 of the 108 cities it was available in, according to the New York Times.

Uber Car had previously struggled to expand its business beyond ride-hail.

The ride-hail player shuttered its experimental product delivery service, UberEssentials, just five months after it launched it in Washington, D.C., in August 2014.

Both Uber and its rival Lyft see a big opportunity in B2B services. The companies have been expanding their enterprise businesses with new partnerships like Lyft’s partnership with Delta and Blue Cross Blue Shield — though even that has been largely focused on providing rides to other businesses.

Uber Car is also Close to launching its first credit card.

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