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Is the Uber new pickup tool less of a headache? Spotlight!

Uber is rolling out a new tools that are designed to enhance communication between drivers and riders and make tricky pickups much less stressful. So much can go wrong after you tap that request button, especially in crowded or nighttime situations. The company has been throwing lots of people and resources at its cancellation problem over the years.

The new tool is called "Spotlight". When you request a ride, you get the make and model of the driver’s vehicles, as well as the license plate number. Riders will typically hold their phones up in the air to signal their driver. But in a crowded situation, that can be a useless gesture.

Now, riders can use Uber’s app to light up their phone screens with a specific color, giving drivers a clearer sense of which levitating smartphone to look for. Drivers will receive a message so they know to look for, say, a yellow screen rather than a pink or green one.

Try it and let me know;)

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