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Forget something? Uber now charging customers to return lost items

Keys? Wallet? Phone?

Those are among the top most commonly forgotten items in Ubers and Uber Car, according to The Uber Lost & Found Index.

The next time you take an Uber Car, you may want to make sure you have all your belongings and don’t leave any behind, because now you’ll have to pay a price.

Uber Car will soon be charging you $15 to return the items you left behind. Under the policy, a rider would enter a phone number they would want to be contacted at in the Uber app. That number would be connected to the driver, then if the item is confirmed to be found, both the driver and rider can coordinate a convenient time and place for the return.

Uber Car says the full $15 fee will be passed along to the drive.

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The company says the policy was drafted after many drivers complained they had to go out of their way to return the lost items to their rightful owners.

The feature is rolling out now in Boston and Chicago. It will be a nationwide rule by the end of August.

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