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In Defense of Uber the Idea

I read an article in the New York Tims Op-Ed section from June 16, 2017 which I thought would be interesting to post. With all the critics complaining about Uber Cars and Uber Car Leasing it was refreshing to see that someone was willing to step forward and stand up for Uber Cars.

Written by: David Leonhardt

I’m grateful that Travis Kalanick started Uber Car.

Before he did, I often found myself at the mercy of a taxi company that dominated my neighborhood. The night before a flight, I’d call to reserve a cab, and it might — or might not — arrive. Monopolies generally don’t excel at customer service.

Uber (ed. Uber Financing, TLC Financing and Uber Car Leases allows for many additional cars on the road which would not have been there without it) busted open the local taxi monopoly in many places. It brought down prices that those monopolies had kept artificially high, and it gave travelers a new option. Because I don’t own my own car, I’ve used Uber hundreds of times.

But I’m not blind to its problems.

The company has mistreated its drivers. It engages in shady behaviortoward competitors. And it has had a toxic corporate culture tolerant of sexual harassment.

Despite all the bad publicity from these problems, Uber’s growth has continued unabated. When Kalanick — the volatile company founder who just announced a leave of absence in response to the problems — was having a rough day in recent months, he would look at a graph of the company’s revenue to cheer himself up, Reeves Wiedeman reported in New York magazine.

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