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NFL player spends $932 on Uber ride from Chicago for voluntary practice

NFL player spends $932 on Uber ride from Chicago for voluntary practice

NFL cornerback Shareece Wright knows what it takes to make it in the league — even if it means taking an Uber Car from Chicago to Buffalo, N.Y.

On Sunday, after his flight was canceled, Wright hailed driver, identified on the app as "Winny (Hadi)," and made the nearly nine-hour drive to make a Buffalo Bills voluntary practice.

The player's Uber Car ride generated buzz after his co-agent and high school best friend Tamerat Berhe tweeted at Wright on Tuesday. Tamerat Berhe, Esq. @TamBerhe @ShareeceWright I gotta see the receipt for that @uber trip, I'm guessing it was close to a $1,000?

Wright responded with a screenshot of his bill, which came to $632.08, plus a $300 cash tip, and revealed that he gave his driver a five-star rating.

What added to the novelty was that it was a voluntary workout. Ten out of 10 guys who had their flight canceled would have called and contacted the coach to let them know they wouldn't make it to practice," Berhe told CNBC.

Wright, a seven-year NFL veteran, also connected with the driver on a personal level, according to Berhe. The driver was a refugee who fled violence in his home country, the agent said.

"His father was tortured, came here by himself, with nobody, and I believe he's currently in school trying to achieve his master's degree and paying for it by driving for Uber Car" Berhe added.

That personal story, the agent said, was part of the reason Wright tipped the driver as much as he did.

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