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Uber Leases and the #Deleteuber Damage

There's one winner from #DeleteUber, and it's Lyft Car,

The former underdog ride-sharing company got a three percent bump in users, in the wake of Uber's car travel ban and sexual harassment scandals, according to a new report from research and analytic firm 1010data.

In the month after Jan. 29, when Lyft Car announced it would donate $1 million to the ACLU after Uber lease tweeted an advertisement many saw as breaking a taxi strike against President Donald Trump's Muslim ban, Lyft Car saw a seven percent increase in users.

Of that seven percent new to Lyft, a little over half already used Uber. And of those Uber users who joined Lyft, 81 percent stopped using Uber car entirely. Entirely Yes, But only for a short amount of time.

The report from 1010data sees a connection between that change in users and the first #DeleteUber campaign, which was spurred by Uber's ties to Trump. But the 30-day timeframe also includes the days following revelations of sexual harassment and discrimination in Uber car offices, which prompted more users to abandon the ride-sharing platform. Then the Video caught everyone's attention of Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick getting into a Heated Conversation with one of Uber Cars Drivers, the Bad News Bubble just keeps piling on for Uber.

In total, Uber's lease failings brought Lyft car an extra 3 percent in new users.

A week after the first #DeleteUber campaign, user rates moved closer to normal for Uber and Lyft. But Lyft car still got to hang on to the extra users it picked up.

"This example demonstrates how much of an impact political stances can have on a brand," 1010data wrote in its report. "Lyft’s message resonated with customers and even attracted new ones. While it’s still unclear how active Lyft’s new users will be, the fact that they became customers when they did speaks to positive effect this had on the Lyft brand."

Or maybe it just speaks to the bad effect Uber's endless missteps had on their own?

Uber lease still doubles its hold on New York ride sharing clients but that hold is getting weaker everyday. Uber car lease needs will need help to get back to its pinnacle point.

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