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Death Of the Yellow Taxi

Sad Picture of a taxi driver standing on top of his Yellow Cab waiting for a flight to land so hopefully he can pick up a passenger.

The Last Place for yellow cab business is the Airport, but now with Lyft Car Deal with JFK Airport, the places left for a yellow cab have become barren.

As Uber Car Grows to a World Wild Used app, more and more potential passengers are switching over to Ride sharing apps like Uber car or Lyft car rather then the yellow taxis.

The Yellow cab Medallion once prestigious and hard to find for sales has now been listed for 500,000 and no offers are being made on it, the last known Medallion sold in New York was sold for $376,000 and i already feel bad for the purchaser as he will never recoup that price tag.

Uber car is the future and for those still in the Yellow Cabs their is a uber car financing options out there for you.

Take a Uber car loan or get uber car financing and switch out of the death soon .

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