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Uber car flat fare

Uber car just rolled out their next subscription in New York City.

As part of its UberPlus car program, Uber car has slowly begun rolling out new subscription package — Uber Flat –where uber car riders in New York City can get a ride for a flat fare of under $6.

The new flat-fare packages set UberPool and Uber X rides at $3 and $6. You get to choose from three packages that offer 10, 20, and 40 ride limits. Purchasing a package requires an upfront, one-time subscription payment ranging between $5 to $20. Each account can only buy one package so it is limited for the uber car clients.

The flat-fare price will be applied once you request an UberPool or Uber X ride and will be reflected in your purchase. These rides last for 30 days after the purchase of the package and cover the five boroughs.

Before you start riding across the Bruckner Expressway into Manhattan every day, the flat fares have limits beyond just ride count. Subscribers will be charged the flat fare fee for rides up to $30 in value. You will be charged anything exceeding that $30 limit in addition to the flat fare so the more expensive uber car rides will still be charged additional to that flat fare. An Uber X from deep in the North Bronx to Williamsburg, Brooklyn during a weekday afternoon would be under $30 with the new flat fare, as opposed to more than $50. It's truly a significant savings but it will hurt the uber car drivers pockets.

Uber first brought flat-fare pricing to NYC in October when New Yorkers could get unlimited rides in Manhattan for $100. The current pricing plan is more in line with similar tests Uber ran in other cities last year. San Francisco, Miami, San Diego, Boston, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., each had flat-fare programs last September. By comparison, the NYC offer is the most affordable as it offers the cheapest upfront price. Sorry for the news uber car drivers.

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