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Drivers for lyft happier then uber drivers

Lyft’s app includes a way for passengers to tip their drivers Uber has resisted adding tipping to its app which is probably the main reason their happier lyft drivers.

“If a rider gives a $1 tip (on Lyft), those tips go 100 percent to the driver, with no credit card processing fee and no commission,” Campbell said. “Those $1 or $2 tips really add up over time". Uber is still a much larger market 80% of TLC drivers work for uber.

“Uber is where the rides are,” Campbell said. “If you can stay busy with Lyft in your city, you’ll make more money, but that’s the challenge. If it has less market share, "Uber has much more density, more frequent ride requests, and (passengers) who are closer together.”

Drivers said that pay is most important to them, with flexibility running second.

The survey primarily focused on U.S. drivers, although a handful of international drivers responded. A small number of drivers surveyed drove for services such as Postmates and DoorDash, often in addition to Uber and Lyft.

In other news:

the latest version of Google Maps on Android and iOS lets users request a ride from Uber without ever leaving the app. Previously, you could use Maps to check for price estimates and start the process of getting a lift, but eventually you had to finish things up in the Uber app. Now, the entire request process takes place directly in Google Maps. You just sign in with your Uber account info, which pulls up your stored payment info and other details.

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