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Yellow Cab a thing of the past

Yellow Cabs which now number just 13,587 have lost significant ground to the Black car companies like Uber car, and lyft car.

Today More then 65,000 Black Car companies like uber are for Hire in NYC.

More then 45,000 TLC cars work for Uber Car though they may work for some of uber Car's Competition as well, with VIA, Juno, and Gett Competition keeps growing for Uber Car and i am sure many more will join the fray.

It wont be long for the city of New York to be and Uber town instead of yellow cab town. The Medallions that gave Yellow cabs the right to operate have plummeted in value you can now buy them for half of what they were going for in 2013, i still wouldn't suggest buying them as their value should keep dropping.

Uber Car which started operating in New York in 2011 is by far the largest of the App Hailing Services. it provided and average of 226,000 rides per day. Lyft car is second with 36,000, Via and Juno are around 20,000 and Gett Car is at 7,000.

The Downside for the Yellow Cabs is that Uber Car can charge surge pricing during Peak times while the Yellow Cabs which are highly regulated, are locked into fixed prices.

By 2020 Half of the Yellow Cabs must be wheel-chair Accessible, passed by the law in the City of New York, maybe thats the lifeline needed for the Yellow Cars, as by 2020 i can predict a mass exit of yellow cabs in New York. Once Speeding down 5th ave now sitting idle in parking lots known as "Taxi graveyards".

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