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  • Bad credit, no credit, you're always approved

  • No payments for the first 4 weeks

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For any questions please give us a call at 718.506.9367

Please Note: Due to the current FHV licensing regulations in NYC, the TLC is currently only issuing new for-hire vehicle licenses to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV). If you would like to plate a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, Or you live out side NYC,  please contact us.

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Pick the car you want, drive when you want, get paid, own your car. Simple as that. 

We at TLC Financing  specialize in financing for any vehicle of your choice, new or used, for TLC Drivers of Uber Cars, Lyft Cars and other TLC Black Car Members, we will assist you every step of the way. Whether you have bad credit or no credit, our in-house lenders will be sure to look at you, not your credit history.


At TLC Financing, you're always approved. Call or email us, we'll be happy to assist you in FINANCING YOUR NEW OR USED VEHICLE.

We list some of our Current specials we have at the tag on the top Titled Cars please feel free to view them so you can be driving in your Uber car in as little as 2 days. Please also check out our blog at http://www.tlcfinancing.com/blog as that contains current information on the Uber car and Lyft car News and programs. For our question and answer page on Uber car financing options please check out the Title for Uber Car Lease.

For any further information you can contact our office at 718.506.9367

How Lease-to-own Uber Cars work

A Lease-to-own car, is a vehicle that is offered under a specific agreement: you would pay for the vehicle as you would as if you were renting the vehicle, but instead of turning the vehicle in after you finished your driving term, you would own that vehicle after the payments were completed. 

Once you choose the vehicle you would like to finance, you place a down payment for the car and the car will be ready to go. Down payment requirements vary: Based on factors such as the price of the vehicle,current TLC plates etc.


If you were Driving for Uber Car in a Uber car rental program for 2 years you would have spent $46,800 in the rental program; at TLC financing you can lease an Uber car for as low as $200 a week over a 2 year period, and it comes out to $20,800 (plus insurance). However, the Uber car will belong to you after the the term is completed, at no extra cost. 

Don't rent a car when you can own it.

Make money driving.

Work whenever you want.     Drive any car you want.

Work for whoever you want.         Work on your own schedule.       Pick a car, drive, own the car.                                                                                                                 

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